Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Hello, and welcome to Team Jessup. 

I recently scanned in a huge bunch of Photobooth pictures that we have taken over the past 14 years. You can check them out over here.  Here's a sample - 

We started going to a Photobooth on University Way in Seattle in 1994 or 1995. From that point we stopped at every Photobooth that we could find in the Northwest.  From Seaside, to Jantzen Beach in Portland, and back to Seattle, we visited them all.  Over the past few years we have taken less and less Photobooth pictures. There are a few in the Portland area but we aren't as inspired as we used to be. Or maybe we're too busy. For now the biggest Photobooth event for us is when the Rose Festival Fun Center comes around in May. Every year they have a variety of Photobooths that are pretty cool. I may scan in more pictures as I find them, seeing as how they have been scattered throughout the house. If you are looking for a Photobooth in your area you can check out the list here. Again, you can see our pictures over here.

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  1. If I could, I would have a photobooth at the wedding. The only one in town now is at the ace hotel I think.