Tuesday, June 16, 2009


What time is it?

I'm not really sure what time it is. My phone has at some point switched time zones, but the train schedule is operating on something different entirely. Oh. I just noticed the clock on the MacBook reads 7:49am, the train time is currently 8:49am(according to our next stop of Essex MT), and my iPhone reads 9:49am. Is it Mountain time? I need more coffee for sure.

More stuff than we needed, but at least I don't need to buy clothes.

The Columbia River Gorge always looks good.

We left the West Glacier stop about 20 minutes ago and it's just beautiful here. (Glacier, Montana) Trees everywhere. I bet the air is fresh outside.

Breakfast was fine. The whole fiasco with requesting Vegan food is just dumb. I'll just sum things up and say that the Amtrak website is a lie. I had emailed prior to the trip based on the website recommendation of giving 72 hour notice for Vegan options. Despite what the website says, you cannot request Vegan options in advance, and you shouldn't bother when you get to the dining car either. That being said, you can find some Vegan choices. The snack car has a Vegan burger and that was a surprise for dinner last night. For breakfast, I had Oatmeal and Grapefruit with a glass of Orange Juice. Oliver had Hashbrowns and a biscuit. He seemed satisfied. I really don't know which of us is more finicky about our food. Oliver with his constant need for french fries and peanut butter on bread or me with this ridiculous diet I've chosen for myself .(Veganism)

At breakfast, Oliver and I were seated with a wonderful couple from Manhattan Beach, CA. Apparently it's outside of Los Angeles. They are traveling to East Glacier and then taking a tour through 5 National Parks including Glacier, Yellowstone, and Moab. She was a retired Kindergarten teacher and he was a WWII Veteran that served as a Superior Court Judge after the War. They were a pleasure to have breakfast with and were so nice to Oliver. His name was Bill. He reminded me of my Grandfather.

Glacier National Park.

Montana is Big Sky Country, in case you didn't know.

Oliver takes good pictures, too bad I couldn't man-up and look good for the camera.


5:30pm Mountain Time

Todays word is Trackulance. Turbulance on the Tracks. Trackulance.

I'm listening to the Dirty Three album Cinder. It's somehow fitting with all the clouds, flatlands (that's my word for all this nothingness), abandoned objects. dead cars, Telephone poles, animals, tractors, homes...They all seem to just get taken over by time. A sign reminding you to drive safe since you're in Gods Country. Oil wells. We'll probably be in North Dakota soon.



  1. Thats some good old fashioned fun.

  2. I'm glad 2 C U guys on a train trip! Remember When Corey and I came 2 C U in Seattle?

    I am really proud of You.

    Ciao'4 Now