Friday, July 3, 2009

Ohio to home.

Golf practice with Uncle Wayne.

Ohio was a great time. Lots of relaxation. Here are some highlights of the trip - relaxing on the deck with family and a cold drink, switchblades, Chicago's Union Station, Hartville Marketplace, sweet tea, Slip and Slide, Goodyear blimp, Dairy Queen, Mini-golf, Corn Hole, Hartville Hardware, Sears Tower, Lego Store Chicago, Nascar, Cheaters.........................................

Unfortunately, it's taken well over a week to post a few more pictures from our trip to Ohio. As usual, I can never find the right words to type, so you get a bunch of sentence fragments and accompanying photos. Funny that I can't write much, but I would talk you to death if you were to ask me about the trip. The train ride home was much more comfortable than the train ride out east. The sleeper car was much cooler (temperature) and our car attendant much nicer. I would recommend the train to anyone with plenty of time to kill. However, if you like to fly, or don't mind flying, just get on a plane.

Paid a visit to the Hatterie. This hat store has been in business for a long time and sells the coolest hats. I've been wearing hats every day since. Will that make me go bald?

Frankenstein statue in someone's yard next to mini-golf. This was the mini-golf place that had the really neat hand painted benches.

Slip and Slide.

Veggies, and Meat. We got along just fine.

Hanger 1 where they keep the blimp is about a half mile from where we were staying. On our last day in Ohio, it could be heard coming in for a landing so we jumped in the car and rushed over to the field to watch it land. It flies much faster than I expected. Oliver wanted to know if we were gonna take a ride.

Back through Chicago. Much nicer the 2nd time around but again, we only had a few hours in between trains so we had to be quick. Quick! To the Lego store! On a boat! It was a really cool way to see Chicago and it was faster than walking.

The train.

Entering West Glacier. It really is beautiful in Western Montana. No disrespect meant to the Eastern side, but it's just kinda flat.


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