Friday, February 5, 2010, Food Inc.

I was skeptical when Oliver brought home a slip of paper from school this week with a website I'd never heard of (As if I'd heard of them all.) Really my skepticism was with his explanation of this website where "you do math problems and they donate rice to hungry people". Um...okay, how does this work and why are they telling you at school that it's true? Well, from everything I can find (on the internet, no less) is legit. You really can go and solve word problems, math problems, take quizzes on famous artwork and so on, and earn virtual grains of rice for your correct answers. Your virtual rice grains are then magically converted (not really magic, but with money) into real rice and distributed via the United Nations World Food Programme. If you have children old enough to grasp the concept it's a really cool website to check out.

Speaking of food, I finally got around to watching Food Inc. yesterday. It's available as an instant play on Netflix right now. I'm not going to bother telling you what it's about. You should watch the film or you could read a review over here. First off, I must say, I thought this movie was well done (no pun intended, although that just made me laugh). For the most part, I've read about or at least seen or heard most of the issues presented in this documentary. Food Inc. only served to reaffirm why I became a Vegan - I don't trust what's in manufactured food, and I don't think meat is good for you.

On another food note....Mon Ami serves Stumptown Coffee! That's only 2 blocks away. Why did it take me several years to realize this?

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