Saturday, July 17, 2010

Main Street, Cars, Soda Pop - Cruise the Gut

This evening, Amy, Oliver and I took a stroll 2 blocks over to Main Street to check out the 2nd Annual Cruisin' the Gut. The article over here will tell you more about it. We also stopped in for ice cream at Ice Cream Renaissance and later at Pop Culture for refreshments and some live music from the Clark County Benign Band. Mom and Perry met us part way through the evening and we all enjoyed the cars and people.

Dudes on some sweet bikes......
Yes! That's a DELORAN on Main Street! You know I'm a total geek because it got me the most excited. I may need to do a post on being a geek sometime soon....we'll see.

It was awesome. Oliver enjoyed the picking out his favorite old cars and I tried my best to be knowledgeable about all things pertaining to classic cars. Honestly I'm not a huge car fanatic. I drive a Honda Pilot and that's about as cool as I get (not very). But I do appreciate them as works of art.

Up in the Dairy Queen parking lot, Oliver was invited by a real nice fellow to sit inside his car. I think he liked it.
There were tons more cars that I didn't take pictures of and I'm sure there was more after we left.

Speaking of art, I took a few pictures of the pinstripe detail on a few cars. Pinstriping always reminds me of Dave Hightower, a friend of a friend, whom Amy had the pleasure of meeting with, dining with and hanging out with about 9 years ago. Dave is a legendary sign painter and pinstriper that lives in Kansas and has been at it for about 56 years. This is the best link I could find with information on him and you can also scroll to the bottom photo to see a panel that we purchased from him.

We purchased this panel from Dave Hightower back in 2001 and it still blows me away that he does this by hand.


  1. I love that photo with your reflections.
    That panel... holy snap that is so many levels of awesome. It makes me want to break out the pin striping kit tonight and give it a serious go.

  2. I didn't intend on getting my reflection in the photos but I thought it looked kind of cool when it was done. And that panel is many levels of Awesome!