Sunday, June 27, 2010

Vancouver U.S.A.

Luckily Joshua had the foresight to name his blog "Team Jessup" so that all members of the Jessup family could contribute. This was likely his original intent and he probably shared this with me way back when, but I didn't fully understand the concept. Now that I have been on Facebook for a couple of months and have visited family member blogs, I get it. A living scrapbook. (Well, that is how my mind processes the concept).

On Saturday, after having a great time in the town that I live in, I decided I would contribute with a post called Vancouver, U.S.A. Later on Saturday, I was introduced to a Facebook page called 365 Things To Do In Vancouver, WA. I can't wait to explore the posts and look into all of the ideas and insights that it offers. For me, Vancouver is the downtown area, the uptown neighborhood where I live, the waterfront, and all of the nearby day trip destinations that are easily accessed.

Experiencing high school life in Brush Prairie, I couldn't wait to get out of my hometown. But now that I am a little more seasoned, have seen more of the world and the U.S., and have moved into a wonderful walkable neighborhood, I have gained such an appreciation for the Pacific Northwest and Vancouver U.S.A. Also, the city itself has greatly improved over the past 15 years.

For anyone living in another time zone, please don't get the impression that Vancouver is the perfect vacation destination. It is lovely and there is plenty to do, but mostly it's about being content and seeing the beauty in everyday life. It helps to wear Jackie O. amber shaded sunglasses and to avoid the meth addicts that Wallgreens seems to attract.

I suggest you visit the aforementioned Facebook page to provide you with the details of what my beautiful city provides. Here are pictures of what I experience when I am not working in an office in P town. Friends, family, seasons, food, drinks, and fun. These photos are from the past week. The pics are in no particular order because I am new to blogging and that is how I roll.

My favorites:

Waterfront restaurants and walks, Frenchmen Bar bike rides, Uptown antique stores and visits to Solanah a work, area garage sales, my backyard, Ester Short park and Tiger's Garden, Officer's Row, Marshall Center activities, family member houses, and day trips. Not to mention all of things that we don't get around to doing.

P.S. I also love Astoria, Oregon. I consider this to be one of the nearby day trip destinations.


  1. I love the "living scrapbook!" If I wasn't us I sure would want to be after looking at all the fun we have.

  2. 1.) I used to live next door to walgreens at the brick apartments on Broadway and YES, Walgreens is the meth mecca. Mettha, if you will.

    2.) I am also from the Brush Prairie area!!

    3.) I have decided I will be eating Tiger's Garden for lunch today!! :) Thanks for the idea!